picnic bag - sandwich or salad with chocolate brownie & fresh fruit

picnic bag - sandwich or salad with chocolate brownie & fresh fruit

picnic box

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picnic box - picnic bag - 4 star health rating

picnic bag

pick from a delicious sandwich, wrap, roll or salad and get a slice of moreish chocolate brownie & fresh fruit on the side.

ham & cheese sandwich
Freedom Farms glazed champagne ham, Swiss cheese, salad leaves, Dijon mustard & mayonnaise

roast beef sandwich
premium roast beef with caramalised onion & mustard relish, Swiss cheese, salad leaves & mayonnaise

smoked salmon sandwich
home hot smoked salmon with crème fraiche, baby spinach & red onion

roast chicken sandwich
free range boneless stuffed roast chicken, salad greens & mayonnaise

ham & egg sandwich
Freedom Farms glazed champagne ham with free range egg mayonnaise

tuna sandwich
dolphin friendly tuna with sweet corn & capsicum, mayonnaise & salad leaves

roast vegetable wrap
roast eggplant, peppers, courgette & red onion with hummus & baby spinach

chicken & avocado wrap
Chef’s spiced free range chicken with avocado salsa & salad greens

falafel wrap
homemade falafel with cucumber yoghurt & baby spinach

chef’s salads
Chef’s salad bread roll & butter

  • chicken Caesar with bacon & croutons

  • grated goodness (grated carrot & beetroot with cherry tomatoes, dates, almonds & pomegranate dressing)

  • roast seasonal vegetables with baby spinach, feta & toasted seeds

lemon chicken sandwich
free range roast chicken with lemon mayonnaise & rocket

ploughman’s baguette
cheddar cheese, Shantytown pickled onions, Branston pickle & iceberg lettuce

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